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64. Cathedral of Toledo, Toledo
Toledo became the capital of Spain for the first time in 418,
under Visigoths , eventually becoming the religious center of
the country.
200 years later, it was decided that the Toledo church would
be turned into a great temple, in accordance to the magnitude
of the city. Great care and resources were put in the construc-
tion of a cathedral, and since its completion it has been the
most important in Spain.
It was built in gothic style , influenced by French cathedrals
like Notre Dame . It has many notable architectural features,
such as a roof in the form of a cross, its 100-meter high main
tower, or the impressive statues and carvings of the main
The interior is rich with gold and silver details, including the solid-gold Monstrance that de-
picts the Sacred Way. The cathedral also holds many other remarkable liturgical pieces. One
of its main uses over time was as royal pantheon, and many Castilian monarchs rest here.
Image Credit: Front view of the cathedral. Image by lalperez.
When It's Free
Every day, at mass times . For the exhibitions , you must purchase a ticket.
Contact Information
C/ Cardenal Cisneros, s/n, 45001
925 25 40 30
Neighborhood : Centro.
Public Transportation: Toledo train station.
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