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63. The Medieval Streets Of Toledo, Toledo
Toledo became the first capital of Spain during the Visigoth Empire , and stayed so until
the Islamic occupation in the 8th Century . But even during this era, it remained one of the
most important Christian cities, while still maintaining significant Jewish and Muslim pop-
ulations. In the 15th Century it became the capital again, until the court moved to Madrid
some 100 years later.
Toledo is a treat for anyone interested free access to European culture. Unlike the current
capital, Madrid, Toledo hasn't turned into a giant city, and much of the infrastructure from
the middle ages remains intact. The city remains a monument in and of itself. This is one of
those travel destinations to just get lost in. You can cross the city in 45 minutes by foot.
The best entrance to the Toledo is the historical Bridge of Alcántara . From there you can
take a relaxed walk and become engrossed in all the history that will roll before your eyes.
While the next two entries in this topic expand on favorite free attractions in Toledo, here is
a list of other free attractions:
The cathedral
Jewish quarters
City Gates
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