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61. Plaza de España, Seville
The famed Plaza de España, was built relatively recently by Spanish standards -- in 1929 --
but “Spain's Square” has become one of the most admired and recognizable spots of Seville.
Its architectural style, called “ regionalist , mixes the Spanish Renaissance with the baroque,
and has a unique visual identity. The square and its associated constructions (a main build-
ing, an archway and two towers) were built using a combination of brick, ceramic decora-
tions and marble, achieving an effect that is traditional and modern at the same time.
The square has a circular form, with a huge diameter of 656 feet, and among its features
are 48 richly decorated stone benches, each of them representing a Spanish province. The
archway that encircles half of the square is a lovely place to take a walk, with its roof giving
protection from the intense sun of Seville.
The main building was first used as Army Headquarters and currently serves as a local gov-
ernment office and as a theater.
This is such a scenic place that it has been used in several famous movies , like Lawrence of
Arabia and Star Wars Episode II .
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