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56. Dag Shang Kagyu Temple, Panillo
As Buddhism is nearly non-existent in Spain, this temple is a
rarity. Named Dag Shang Kagyu, and founded in 1984, it is
home to eight lamas (western and Tibetan) devoted to the
VajrAyana branch of Buddhism.
Located in the outskirts of the town of Panillo (region of
Huesca in the North East), Dag Shang Kagyu has the typical
features of a Buddhist temple, with a 17-meter high Stupa
(building used to keep relics), a Shedra (school) and several
houses used for lodging.
The entrance to the temple is a decorated arch over the road.
Unlikewestern religious buildings,Buddhist temples areusu-
ally quite colorful, with a white base decorated with golden
details and multi-chromatic paintings.
Image Credit: The temple' Stupa. Image by Willtron .
When It's Free
The temple is open for visits and for long stays. It is possible to camp on the grounds (€30),
but you must make a reservation ( English translation ). The maximum stay is one month,
and no pets or smoking are allowed. It is expected that you help with communal living
tasks and respect the rules.
Visits to the temple are permitted, but not during times of prayer. The temple offers many
courses on Buddhism ( English translation ), throughout the year (not free).
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