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55. Town of Tudela, Navarre
Unlike most of the important cities of Northern
Spain, Tudela is of Islamic origin, founded by
Amrus ibn Yusuf al-Muwalad , in the year 802.
While today it is the most important city in
Navarra after Pamplona, it has still managed to
retain much of its old atmosphere. As with oth-
er Spanish cities and towns during the middle
ages, Tudela hosted three different religions
(Islam, Christianity and Judaism), living
peaceably together for 400 years, each of them
leaving its own imprint.
Visitors can appreciate the heritage in temples and watchtowers, and in the ancient walls and
winding streets, many preserved in their medieval configuration. The entrance to the city is
an impressive 1200 foot long bridge with 17 arches, and the most important building is argu-
ablythecathedral ofSanta María, builtovertheoldmosque,witharemarkable Romanesque
cloister and a beautiful doorway. There are many other beautiful buildings, including the
palaces of the Marquis of San Adrián and the Marquis of Huarte, the Dean' Palace and the
ancient church of the Magdalena.
The town is today famous for good food and wine, and as the home of the twelfth century
Jewish traveller Benjamin de Tudela .
Image Credit: General view of Tudela. Image by Hynek Moravec.
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