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53. Monastery of Fitero, Navarre
The Monastery of Fitero was the first monetary in Spain that belonged to the order of the
Cister, arguably the most powerful order in the 13th Century. Located at the town of the
same name, in Navarre, this is also one of the largest monasteries in Spain, with a surprising
internal architecture of splendid columns, and domes.
The building is full of treasures like jewel cases, Arabic chests and a Visigoth reliquary.
There are also important silverwork pieces, including chalices, ciborium and a remarkable
the best examples in Spain.
This building has been very well preserved, and although some of the rooms were reformed
in recent times to give them contemporary uses, the monastery retains much of its medieval
essence and atmosphere. It was declared National Monument in 1931.
Image Credit: General view of the Monasteri. Image by Zarateman.
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