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52.Castle of La Mota, Medina del Campo
Besides its architectural value, the Castle of La Mota has great historical significance.
Located in Medina del Campo, in the region of Valladolid, it was built in the 13th Century
over of previous Moorish and Roman constructions.
The entrance was once a drawbridge, and the castle'sfloor plan is trapezoidal. Visitors enter
through an arch with the royal coat of arms of the Catholic monarchs into a large courtyard
surrounded by four towers, the most impressive being the 131 feet high tower, which offers
impressive views of the countryside.
During the rule of the catholic monarchs, the building was expanded and used as an arsenal
and later a prison. One famous prisoner was Cesare Borgia , who managed to escape.
Over the centuries, the castle lost importance and slowly decayed. Now restored, it has re-
gained much of its old splendor, and while many architectural elements are not original, they
have been replicated with as much fidelity as possible. The Castle of La Mota is considered
one of the most important examples of military architecture from the Renaissance.
Image Credit: General view of the castle. Image by Garijo .
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