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51. Bellver Castle, Mallorca
The Bellver Castle, in Palma de Mallorca , is a unique example of medieval architecture . It
is one of a very few circular European castles and the oldest among them.
Construction was ordered by the King Jaime (James) II of Mallorca in the 14 th Century, a
time when Spain wasn't yet a unified country. Surrounding the circular castle is one master
tower and three secondary ones, a unique design.
lined with arches that create a majestic and beautiful effect.
The castle was the residence of monarchs Jaime II, Sancho I and Jaime III , the rulers of the
Island of Majorca. Juan I of Aragón also fled here, to escape the plague. The Bellver castle
hasservedasfortification inseveralwars,andasajailfornoblesandcommonersalike.Well
preserved and in very good condition, it is worth the visit if you're in Mallorca.
Image Credit: An aerial view of the castle. Image by Poniol60.
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