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50.Alcazaba of Málaga, Malaga
The Alcazaba (Arab for “citadel”) in Malaga was a palace-fortress probably built over the
ruins of a previous Phoenician construction, used as residence by Hammudid dynasty in the
early 11th century. Perhaps the best preserved Alcazba in Spain, it is spread across three
acres, though in its time, it was more than twice that size. Despite being a defensive struc-
ture,ithadaharmonious design.Itremains oneofthebestexamples of Moorisharchitecture
in Spain, with beautiful courtyards and rooms where kings and their families lived.
You can wander Mount Gibralfaro , which has a castle built over the remains of a Phoenician
lighthouse. The castle was built to defend the Alcazaba, but after the Catholic Kings
conquered the city, it was turned into a residence for King Ferdinand . Both the Alcazaba and
the castle can be visited in a single tour. Below the hill are the remains of a Roman theater,
currently being restored.
The hilltop views of the town and the Mediterranean alone are worth an afternoon.
Image Credit: The alcazaba and the nearby roman theater. Image by JMSE .
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