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45. Dalt Vila, Ibiza
Ibiza (on the island by the same name) is one of the oldest cities in Spain, founded in the
7 th Century BC. The main core of the city receives the name of Dalt Vila (“High Town” in
Catalan), and rests upon a hill. A strong fortification was built around this citadel during the
reign of Felipe II, in the 16 th Century, to protect it from the Otomans and the pirates. The
fortified wall has been preserved in an excellent state and was designated as World Heritage
by the Unesco.
Walking around Dalt Vila you'll get a taste of life in the Mediterranean during medieval
times. Its streets remain very much as they were centuries ago, narrow and winding, with
high ramparts that connect the different levels of the citadel. From the vast terraces, you'll
get magnificent views of the Balearic archipelago. Enter in Dalt Vila through any of its two
gates and surprise yourself with its architectonical hidden gems, such as stone courtyards
and private chapels of unique beauty.
Here are some of the activities that Ibiza offers:
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