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44. Cathedral of San Pedro, Jaca
The cathedral of San Pedro predates most other Spanish
cathedrals by about two centuries, making it the first
Romanesque cathedral in Aragon. Its construction was
ordered by King Sancho of Aragón , who after traveling to
Rome in 1068, obtained permission to establish an Episcopal
See (seat of the Bishop). The chosen place was Jaca, which
would turn it into the first capital of the Kingdom of Aragon .
Construction began around the year 1077. The cathedral has
three naves, with impressive Romanesque arches in the interi-
or. The most prominent feature of the façade is its rare stone
royal seal. Interior decorations are rich and varied, with an
elaborate altarpiece and detailed carvings in its walls and
The cathedral of course has undergone many expansions and changes over the centuries,
assimilating different styles, including Gothic and Baroque elements. To visit is to journey
through the history, art, and architecture of Aragon.
Image Credit: The choir of the cathedral. Image by Ecelan.
When It's Free
All year.
Contact Information
Plaza de la Catedral. Jaca, Huesca
925 25 40 30 ( English Translation )
Neighborhood : Jaca.
Public Transportation: Bus and train station.
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