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43. San Pedro el Viejo Church, Huesca
The Church of San Pedro el Viejo (not to be confused with the Jaca cathedral of similar
name) is located in the old part of Huesca, and is considered one of the earliest churches
built in Spain, dating from the Visigoth era . After the Moorish invasion of Spain, the new
rulers allowed the Christians of Huesca to keep this building to celebrate their rites. Unlike
many other churches, it was not turned into a mosque. After the Christians took back the
city, the church became a monastery and was reformed into its current style.
The building has three naves and several chapels, and contains important works of medieval
art, such as several altarpieces in Renaissance , Baroque and Gothic styles, as well as mural
paintings from the 13 th Century and a wooden choir. The courtyard has finely decorated
arcs, with sculpted scenes depicting the life of Jesus, and a royal pantheon holds the tombs
of the kings of Aragón , Alfonso I , and Ramiro II .
Image The interior of the church. Image by José Antonio Gil Martínez.
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