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10.1 (Henrietta) Mabel May, Flocons. Fenêtre de l'atelier , 1921. Huile sur toile,
56,1 x 69,2 cm. Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, 1959.1220, don du Dr et de
Mme Max Stern. Photo: MBAM, Brian Merrett. © Dean May / Snowflakes. Studio
window , 1921. Oil on canvas, 56.1 x 69.2 cm. The Montreal Museum of Fine
Arts, 1959.1220, gift of Dr and Mrs Max Stern. Photo: MBAM, Brian Merrett. ©
and courtesy of Dean May.
purified and more detailed in surface treatment). Indeed, it is to
Robinson, another example of 'modernity,' 14 that we now turn.
Albert Henry Robinson's Vue de Baie-Saint-Paul en hiver , circa 1923
(figure 10.2), sets the Charlevoix village against the snow-covered
Laurentian hills.
With the spectator perched on a bridge in the middle of the winding
Rivière du Bras, a mere tributary of the wilder Rivière du Gouffre, the
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