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l'esthétique symboliste.' (14; The sometimes ambiguous reading of space
that stems notably from effects of concavity / convexity … the varied
textures within the same surface, the stylization, often decorative, of
vegetal motifs, the arabesque used for rendering firs, hills, flows of
snow or smoke are all elements that, from a formal standpoint, tie
Leduc to the symbolist aesthetic.) Ultimately, it seems to me, it is also as
a symbolist that we can best read Laure Conan.
It also appears to me that such a reading of Angéline de Montbrun be-
comes all the more possible, even compelling, by the very comparison
of the text with the paintings that constitute its cultural context, a point
relevant also to Jean Rivard and indeed to all of the texts we have been
examining, and a point certainly to be developed more fully in the con-
clusion of this study.
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