Chapter 1: Overview of Viruses and Virus Infection
Classification of Viruses
An Overview of the Replication Cycle of Viruses
Effects of Virus Infection on the Host Cell
Epidemiology: The Spread of Viruses from Person to Person
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Chapter 2: The Structure of Viruses
Helical Symmetry
Icosahedral Symmetry
Nonenveloped Viruses with More Complicated Structural Features
Enveloped Viruses
Assembly of Virions
Stability of Virions
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Chapter 3: Plus-Strand RNA Viruses
Family Picornaviridae
Family Caliciviridae
Family Hepeviridae
Family Astroviridae
Family Togaviridae
Family Flaviviridae
Family Coronaviridae
Family Arteriviridae
Family Roniviridae
The Plus-Strand RNA Viruses of Plants
Origin and Evolution of Plus-Strand RNA Viruses
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Chapter 4: Minus-Strand RNA Viruses
Overview of the Minus-Strand RNA Viruses
Family Rhabdoviridae
Family Paramyxoviridae
Family Filoviridae
Family Bornaviridae
Family Orthomyxoviridae
Family Bunyaviridae
Family Arenaviridae
Evolution of Minus-Strand RNA Viruses
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Chapter 5: Viruses That Contain Double-Stranded RNA: Family Reoviridae
Overview of the Family Reoviridae
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Chapter 6: Viruses Whose Life Cycle Uses Reverse Transcriptase
Family Retroviridae
Family Hepadnaviridae
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Chapter 7: DNA-Containing Viruses
Family Poxviridae
Family Herpesviridae
Replication of Herpesviruses
Family Adenoviridae
Family Polyomaviridae
Family Papillomaviridae
Family Parvoviridae
Torque Teno Virus: A Newly Described Human Virus
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Chapter 8: Emerging and Reemerging Viral Diseases
Bat-Associated Viruses
Viruses Associated with Birds
Viruses Associated with Primates
Viruses Associated with Rodents
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Chapter 9: Subviral Agents
Defective Interfering Viruses
Satellites and Satellite Viruses
Viroids and Virusoids
Hepatitis delta
Prions and Prion Diseases
Prions of Yeast
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Chapter 10: Host Defenses against Viral Infection and Viral Counterdefenses
Adaptive Immune System
Innate Immune System
Viral Counterdefenses
Interactions of Viruses with their Hosts
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Chapter 11: Gene Therapy
Virus Vector Systems
Use of Viruses As Expression Vectors
Gene Therapy
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