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DEC's documentation pages include a "Guide to DECthreads":
Or, for something (unfortunately, only slightly) more "wieldy":
Threads Research
There is a bibliography of several hundred papers related to threading (created and maintained by
Torsten). The papers are largely theoretical, exploring the outer limits of threading and
A good number of people are doing research and development on all sorts of threads-related issues.
Here are a few of the major ones.
Douglas Schmidt wrote an extensive package to facilitate threading and interprocess
communication called "The Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE)."
Freeware Tools
Two useful tools are available as unsupported from Sun. TNFview (by Bonnie's group) allows you
to look at the exact timing of different events in a program. Proctool (Morgan's brainchild) gives
you a view of the high-level operations of processes and LWPs on Solaris. (TNFView) (Proctool)
Other Pointers
You can see the "Single UNIX Specification" at
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