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Solaris Threads
Also known as UI threads, this is the library that SunSoft used in developing Solaris 2 before the
POSIX committee completed its work. It will be available on Solaris 2 for the foreseeable future,
although we expect most applications writers will opt for Pthreads. The vast majority of the two
libraries are virtually identical.
Even after reading all these wonderful things about threads, there's always someone who insists on
asking that ever-so-bothersome question: "Does it work?" For an answer, we turn to some real,
live shipping programs. Some of these are described in greater detail in the MT "Case Studies"
(see Threads Newsgroup).
Operating Systems
OSs are large, complex, yet still highly efficient and robust programs. The various OSs have been
in daily use by millions of users over the past couple of years and have endured the stress put on
them by hundreds of thousands of programmers who are not known for their generosity toward
operating system quirks. Mach, Windows NT, Windows 95, Solaris, IRIX, AIX, OS/2, and Digital
UNIX are all threaded, and many of the other UNIX vendors are also moving toward a threaded
Under most UNIX systems, both the NFS client and server are threaded (Figure 2-14). There
aren't any standardized benchmarks for the client side, so you'll have to take our word for it that
it's faster. On the server side, however, there is the LADDIS benchmark from SPEC. A great deal
of time has been spent optimizing NFS for multiple CPUs, quite successfully.
Figure 2-14. NFS Performance on MP Machines (SPEC '96)
SPECfp 95
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