Enhancing the Download Manager
The Download Manager as it stands is fully functional, with the ability to pause and
resume downloads as well as download multiple files at once; however, there are several
enhancements that you may want to try on your own. Here are some ideas: proxy server
support, FTP and HTTPS support, and drag-and-drop support. A particularly appealing
enhancement is a scheduling feature that lets you schedule a download at a specific time,
perhaps in the middle of the night when system resources are plentiful.
Note that the techniques illustrated in this chapter are not limited to downloading files
in the typical sense. There are many other practical uses for the code. For example, many
software programs distributed over the Internet come in two pieces. The first piece is a
small, compact application that can be downloaded quickly. This small application contains
a mini download manager for downloading the second piece, which is generally much
larger. This concept is quite useful, especially as the size of applications increases, which
typically leads to an increase in the potential for download interruptions. You might want
to try adapting the Download Manager for this purpose.
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